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Surety Bond information for Process Server Certification Program

We are pleased to announce that GAPPS has an agreement from a surety company to provide the $25,000 surety required for certification at a substantially reduced price, and without the need for a credit check. All that will be required is the name, address and telephone number of the applicant, along with payment for the one-year premium of $100.00 and evidence of being a member of GAPPS. Absent membership in GAPPS, the yearly premium will be substantially more. The savings will be more than enough to cover the cost of GAPPS membership.

As we have previously explained, it is suggested that requests for the required background check be placed on hold. A couple of our members have been checking the procedure that the sheriffs will follow, and at this point it appears the sheriffs are not prepared to fulfill their statutory obligation. We will be sending letters to each sheriff asking what procedures have been established to comply with the statute. In the meantime, we expect that the procedure for appointment by the courts will be in place by the end of July, and we recommend such certification as the best course of action, avoiding the problems inherent with certification by the sheriffs.

For those of you who want to take advantage of the surety discount and are not yet GAPPS members, you might want to join now. There will be no savings on membership dues by waiting until July, and the dues will only cover this year. Additionally, we will be required to provide the surety company with evidence of membership for those applying for the surety. Additionally, by joining now you will be receiving e-mail updates regarding the certification program, the status of certification by the courts and other matters relating to present and future appointments.

$75 is the cost of the annual GAPPS membership and you can find the application here on our website.

As far as how to obtain the surety, if you are a member, you will receive the application from GAPPS, once the company has provided that to us. We hope to have it sometime next week.

Paul Tamaroff, President