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GAPPS Responds To Supreme Court Decision

By now, all of you are aware of the Supreme Court’s Decision in which the Court found that the sheriffs have complete authority to prohibit certified process servers from serving process in their respective counties as certified process servers.   The Court specifically found that their decision does not affect those with “Permanent” and “Special” Appointments from the courts. Sheriffs have no authority over those with such appointments.   The Court did not address the issue of when a certified process server is serving papers in a county other than the county for which the papers have been filed.   The Court’s Decision does not affect the service of papers from other states. As certified process servers we may continue to serve out-of-state papers. Nor does it affect service of subpoenas.   So, the question is where do we go from here. I have been in contact with our attorneys for their suggestions. I have also requested a meeting with House Judiciary Chairman Wendell Willard to discuss the matter.   There are other ideas that we are considering, and I am sure that our members have ideas. It is crucial that we come up with a plan of action that will be supported by the membership.

I am therefore calling a Special Meeting of the membership for the purpose of designing a plan of action in response to the Supreme Court Decision.

WHEN:           NOVEMBER 4, 2017 AT 4:00 P.M.


The topics for discussion will be actions to be taken in light of the Supreme Court Decision; The entry of another provider of pre-certification classes and its effect on GAPPS; the Board’s schism; and, other matters as raised by the membership.   Please confirm your attendance as refreshments will be provided.

This shall also constitute notice that, pursuant to Article VIII of the Association’s Bylaws, a Board of Directors Meeting shall be conducted at the same time and location.   All members and non-members who are certified process servers are invited.

Paul K. Tamaroff, President

5th Annual Conference a success – Congrats to the new board!

gapps board 2017

Our 5th annual conference was a large success!

Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors:

Paul Tamaroff – President

Eric Echols- Vice President

Elizabeth Smith- Treasurer

Deb Duchon – Secretary

Muhsin Hassan – Director

Betsy Kidd – Director

Robin Martinelli – Director

Curvin Self – Director

We had close to 100 process servers in attendance,  2 special guests from NAPPS, 4 vendor/sponsors a delicious barbeque lunch and great marketing and fellowship with everyone.

There is much for the new board to take care of in the next year. Watch for communications about how you will be able to help with committees and making the association stronger and better.





*** 5th Annual Conference 3/18/2017 – start time change – now at 8 a.m.***

Due to the amount of material/topics to discuss at the annual meeting of the board of directors, the meeting will start at 8 a.m. on Saturday March 18, 2017  (instead of 9 a.m. as previously scheduled).  The Continuing Education portion of the day will still begin at 11 a.m. and conclude at 5 p.m. (includes catered lunch).

Below is the rest of the information about the conference that has already been posted on the “Events” page

Join us in Decatur, GA on Saturday March 18, 2017 for our annual conference, followed by our Continuing Education Seminar.

Prior to the Continuing Education portion of the day, the annual conference / board meeting (which includes the election for all board positions) will begin at 8 a.m. (this is an updated time due to many topics to cover) and will conclude at 11 a.m.  At 11 a.m., the Continuing Education Seminar will begin.

Once the new board is in place, committees will be established to further the work for your association – this is where every member can be involved.

For those attending the Continuing Education Seminar, Fox Bros. BBQ will be catering our lunch again this year.

The conference is a great time for you to network with other servers from across the state as well as visit vendors that will be set up.

Speakers to include:

Eric Vennes – NAPPS Director – “How you will be Affected by Compliance Standardization Requirements.”

Paul Tamaroff – GAPPS Director – Case law updates pertaining to Service of Process in Georgia

Process Server Roundtable – We will open up the floor to process server questions/comments pertaining to issues that come up when you’re in the field – one topic that has been requested for discussion is: “how to deal with trespass issues”.

The conference is still only $99!

Click on the link in Events to register!

2017 Education dates for 12 hour pre-certification & CE classes posted

2017 educational dates have been posted for the three 12-hour pre certification classes being offered this year. They coincide with the 2017 test dates announced by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).  The test dates can be found on their website:   http://ps.georgiacourts.gov/

We have the first 5-hour Continuing Education date set for Saturday March 18, 2017 – which also coincides with the Annual GAPPS board meeting. Get your CE done early in the year and out of the way.

The other two offerings for the 5 hour Continuing Education for 2017 have been posted.


5th Annual Conference and Continuing Education Seminar – date announced

5th Annual Conference and Continuing Education Seminar

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The conference will be held at the Manuel Maloof Auditorium in Decatur.

More details will be posted as speakers are confirmed.

A catered lunch by Fox Brothers will be provided.

Watch this website for other 2017 educational opportunities to be announced.



GAPPS 4th annual conference and CE a success!

Thanks to the 65+ folks that attended the GAPPS conference and continuing education seminar this past Saturday.

We had some great speakers, vendors and a good time was had by all.

The 2016 Board of Directors is now published on the site and are:

Robin Martinelli – President

Deb Duchon  – Vice President

Elizabeth Smith – Treasurer

Lathan Nichols – Secretary

Paul Tamaroff – Director

Jayne Rauser – Director

John Byer – Director

Curvin Self – Director

Please watch website soon for a list of committees – we’ll be seeking volunteers to help with these areas and would love to have the assistance of more members to strengthen our association.

Thanks, your 2016 GAPPS board


2015 education dates announced + intro. to process serving symposium!

The dates for both the 12 hr class for process server Pre-Certification and also the 5 hr Continuing Education in 2015 have been set!

The 12 hour Pre-Certification classes will be held on 2 weekends during the year:

August 22 and August 23

October 10 and October 11

All training classes will again be held at Maloof Building in Decatur, GA.  and you may sign up on our Education Page

These dates have been chosen as to coincide with the State Test for Certification >given by the AOC* (in dowtown Atlanta)

*AOC Test dates for 2015 are in process of being set and will follow the class dates

Additional information about AOC state testing may be found by following this link: http://process-server.gaaoc.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=14

The Continuing Education Dates for 2015 are as follows:

Saturday 9/12

Saturday 11/7

So you want to be a process server symposium

Saturday June 27, 2015 – This is a first time class for folks who have never served a paper.  It will be held in downtown Decatur, the cost is $99 and will cover what a process server is and does, the role of the process server in the legal system, types of process, documents served, who may serve, obstacles to consider before becoming a server, how get in the business among other topics.

Join us for this 5 hour course and you will discover if process serving is something you want to pursue and what the next step is.  Watch our site for sign up details, etc.


Jayne Rauser

Director  and Training Coordinator

2014 court appointment procedures have been sent to all members – education for 2014

To all GAPPS members:

2014 Process Server Appointments – These were sent out to all members via email at the end of October. Listed are the procedures of how all Metro Atlanta Courts will be handling appointments for next year.

Education- Training Dates  –  GAPPS in working in conjunction with the AOC to set our dates for educational opportunities for 2014.  Keep watching this website as we’ll post the new dates here as they are set.

Jayne Rauser




NAPPS is coming to Atlanta for it’s Annual Conference – April 2014!

For the first time ever, NAPPS is coming to Atlanta for it’s annual 3 day conference – April 3- April 5 2014.

If you have never been to a conference (due to cost, location, time away from your business) now will be your opportunity.  I highly recommend it and it’s in our backyard. It’s wonderful opportunity to hear what’s going on with our profession across the country, learn new ideas and it also a great tool for networking.

GAPPS will be involved with several of the activities, including the State Associations’ Party, which is generally held the first night of the conference.

Feel free to contact members Elizabeth Smith or Robin Martinelli, if you would like to help either with this conference or the GAPPS 2nd annual conference (more will be published on that soon)

If you are not a NAPPS member yet, it’s never too late to join.  Below is the link to the NAPPS website – which has all of the information.



Jayne Rauser, Vice President



GAPPS vs. Georgia Sheriffs’ Association

Greetings to my fellow GAPPS members:

Due to the continuing –and increasing — belligerence on the part of the sheriffs, the GAPPS Board has  sought legal counsel on behalf of all GAPPS members.  After considering  several possible attorneys to represent us, we chose Lee Parks of Parks, Chesin & Walbert.  Lee Parks is a constitutional lawyer in Atlanta who has  had some impressive wins in this kind of case.  When we met with him, we found that he has been following our situation for some time, and was already  familiar with the issues.

Lee counseled us to start by sending a demand letter to the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association’s
Executive Director.  That letter is attached. He also sent a letter to
Sheriff Victor Hill of Clayton County. Sheriff Hill has been one of the more
hostile sheriffs to private process servers. (see attached)

If the sheriffs do not settle with us after receiving this letter, we will make
good on our promise to sue them in US District Court.  We are serious
about pursuing this case for the good of all of us, including our clients. I
hope all of you will take a moment and read the attached letter, which was sent
by email and US Mail on 7/30/13. Tell me what you think.

This could be a long. expensive battle to fight.  It could cost us as much
as $200,000 over the next two years. We are setting up a legal fund to pay for
it and hope you (and maybe even your clients who prefer private process
servers) will be able to contribute.  Send your donations to GAPPS at PO
Box 7710, Atlanta, GA 30357. Note “Legal Fund” on the memo

Many of you have been asking that we take legal action for some time now. I
hope you will approve of the Board’s actions in this case.

Fight on!
Deb Duchon
President, GAPPS

Hill (Demand Letter)
Norris (Demand Letter)