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Process Servers Requested to Provide Marketing Services While Serving Process

Many of us have received e-mail solicitations from CareConnect USA, requesting that we distribute their marketing material each time we serve a paper. The e-mail suggests that we would be providing a needed service to those defendants served with process, as it directs them to a service provider that professes to protect the defendant from the lawsuit. The GAPPS Board of Directors believes that it would be inappropriate, unprofessional, and possibly unethical, for process servers to provide marketing materials such as this, when serving process. Indeed, these materials would seem to be in conflict with the best interests of our clients.

Update to Fingerprint Background Checks

We have had some response to our letters to each of the Georgia Sheriffs regarding the procedures each has established to provide fingerprint background checks and certification to those who are qualified. There is still some confusion, but we are informed the Sheriffs’ Association will be assisting the sheriffs in getting this issue resolved.

In the meantime, Sheriff Neil Warren of Cobb County assures us that his office is “fully prepared to perform the required duties”. The contact person at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office is Angela Paschal. She may be contacted at (770) 499-4734.

We continue to recommend waiting until we see the final proposed Uniform Superior Court Rule 48. That rule is supposed to establish the procedure for appointments to be made by the superior courts, and should be approved by the Supreme Court in July. We are presently in an “open” period during which proposals and suggestions may be submitted to the Uniform Superior Court Rules Committee regarding the rule, and we have submitted what we consider would be an appropriate rule that would provide for court certification. As we have previously noted, such court appointments would be immune to any attempt by the sheriffs to prohibit service by certified process servers.

Paul K. Tamaroff, President