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Wanted: GAPPS members for committees!

Calling all GAPPS members – old and new!

This is your time to become involved in the association that is the voice of Georgia Process Servers!
Now that certification for process servers is finally in our sights, we have new members and a new attitude!

We have created committees to help with different aspects of our organization and we now are looking for energetic people that are passionate about our profession to join us in improving and growing our group.
Below are the 4 (four) committees we have identified to be beneficial for GAPPS.  We of course can add sub committees to these as we grow and see the need.

Education– In addition to working on improving the 12-hour pre certification class, this committee will also work on developing continuing education modules, an introduction to process serving manual, identify and develop faculty for our programs and future “roundtable type” meetings to name a few items.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Education committee, contact Jayne Rauser at [email protected]

Membership/Marketing/Benefits–   this is a very important committee for GAPPS as it encompasses several vital areas.  We will identify ways to grow the membership base, develop relationships with vendors that can provide discounts and benefits for our members.  Marketing will entail different aspects, including a subcommittee for a liaison program(to work with other lateral groups or associations, such as the Georgia Trail Lawyers, for example).

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Membership/Marketing/Benefits committee, contact Robin Martinelli at [email protected]
Board members, Frank James and Bill Lutwack  will be assisting Robin with this important committee.

Deb Duchon is heading up the Liaison sub-committee and can be reached at [email protected]

Conference –   To add more value to our members, we would like to start having an annual conference.  One thought is to have it conjunction with one of the 5-hour continuing education modules (required to retain process server certification) and would also include our annual meeting.  We need folks to help plan the venue, events, guest speakers, and invite vendors that are beneficial in some way to process servers.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Conference committee, contact Elizabeth Smith at [email protected].  
Board member, Eric Echols will be assisting Elizabeth with this committee.

Grievance and Arbitration –  This committee will address any grievances filed against GAPPS members and address accordingly. This committee will also be forming a by-law sub-committee to review and recommend modifications needed to our current by laws.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Grievance and Arbitration committee, contact Doug Dreeman at [email protected]
GAPPS President, Paul Tamaroff  will be assisting with this committee.

Whichever committee sounds “up your alley”, please contact that lead person directly as we look to set these up right away and get to work! 

We look forward to growing and improving GAPPS together! 


Jayne Rauser