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Time to renew dues for 2013!

It’s that time of year again to renew your membership for 2013!

We have invested a lot of time in our certification program this past year. More than 200 process servers will have completed the pre-certification training and taken the certification exam by the end of the year. However, much work needs to be done, including further legislative efforts and lobbying of the judiciary to overcome the sheriffs’ actions in attempting to block the legislative intent to allow all certified process servers to serve out of all courts in the State. These efforts can only be effective by maintaining a large and determined membership.

We are looking forward to our first annual Conference in March, 2013. In addition to guest speakers, we will offer Continuing Education credits contingent upon approval by the AOC. The Conference will culminate in a cocktail reception where we can meet and discuss common interests. We are also hoping to set up a meeting with key legislators.

So, if you want to insure that we overcome the obstacles established by the sheriffs to the certification program; if you want to continue to make gains on the legislative front; and, if you want to be a part of a strong association that can accomplish these goals, renew your membership now.

You can renew online and pay by credit card or print out the membership form found on our website at www.gappsprocess.com, and mail it along with  your payment to:
GAPPS c/o GAPPS Adminstrator, PO Box 7710, Atlanta GA 30357

GAPPS Members Offered Special Discount For Surety Bond!

GAPPS has arranged with National Surety Services for the $25,000.00 surety bond required for certification to be offered to GAPPS members at a substantially reduced price. Additionally, GAPPS members will not be required to submit to a credit check as a requisite to obtain the insurance policy. The yearly fee for the surety is $100.00, about $100 – $150 less than would be required for non-members. Just fill out the application (link is below) and mail, along with your payment, to:


Michael R. DiGeronimo

National Surety Services, Inc.

1534 Dunwoody Village Pkwy, Suite 220

Atlanta, Georgia 30338-4137


The application may also be e-mailed to:

[email protected]

or faxed to 770-394-6888.

The surety bond will be released once the payment by check is received.

GAPPS has provided Mr. DiGeronimo with a listing of all current members. If you are not yet a member, you can fill out the application on line. Those approved for membership will be added to the listing provided to National Surety Services.