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Dekalb Superior Ct. announces procedures for 2013 appointments

Incoming Chief Judge Gregory Adams met with GAPPS leaders last week to review the procedures to obtain an annual appointment in Dekalb Superior Court for 2013.

Attached is a link to the affidavit and application with list of requirements.

Dekalb Sup Process Server Docs -2013

Judge Adams will accept applications starting 12/17/2012, but will not be signing orders until after he takes office as the Chief Judge on 1/2/2013.  Completed application packets should be returned to the 5th floor control desk for Judge Adams.

Once you receive word that your orders are ready, you will pick it up at the 5th Floor Control Desk, take the order to be filed in, pay the appropriate filing fees and return a copy of the “file stamped” order to the 5th Floor desk marked for Judge Adams.  If the “file stamped” order is not returned to Judge Adams, your name(s) will not be listed on the website.

As of this posting, we do not know if there are any changes to the filing fee.  If you have several servers in your agency, you will be able to combine the names on one order and pay the additional fee per person.

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Jayne Rauser, Vice President