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GAPPS vs. Georgia Sheriffs’ Association

Greetings to my fellow GAPPS members:

Due to the continuing –and increasing — belligerence on the part of the sheriffs, the GAPPS Board has  sought legal counsel on behalf of all GAPPS members.  After considering  several possible attorneys to represent us, we chose Lee Parks of Parks, Chesin & Walbert.  Lee Parks is a constitutional lawyer in Atlanta who has  had some impressive wins in this kind of case.  When we met with him, we found that he has been following our situation for some time, and was already  familiar with the issues.

Lee counseled us to start by sending a demand letter to the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association’s
Executive Director.  That letter is attached. He also sent a letter to
Sheriff Victor Hill of Clayton County. Sheriff Hill has been one of the more
hostile sheriffs to private process servers. (see attached)

If the sheriffs do not settle with us after receiving this letter, we will make
good on our promise to sue them in US District Court.  We are serious
about pursuing this case for the good of all of us, including our clients. I
hope all of you will take a moment and read the attached letter, which was sent
by email and US Mail on 7/30/13. Tell me what you think.

This could be a long. expensive battle to fight.  It could cost us as much
as $200,000 over the next two years. We are setting up a legal fund to pay for
it and hope you (and maybe even your clients who prefer private process
servers) will be able to contribute.  Send your donations to GAPPS at PO
Box 7710, Atlanta, GA 30357. Note “Legal Fund” on the memo

Many of you have been asking that we take legal action for some time now. I
hope you will approve of the Board’s actions in this case.

Fight on!
Deb Duchon
President, GAPPS

Hill (Demand Letter)
Norris (Demand Letter)