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Member Update

This is a busy time for GAPPS and there is much to report to our members. As President of GAPPS, I thought I’d send out an update. Let me know if you would like me to send you a monthly update from now on.

Training –
We just completed our second 5-hour Continuing Education program for Certified Process Servers (CPS). More than 30 CPS’s from around the state attended and we were glad to see them.

There are now 105 CPS’s in Georgia!  If you are certified, remember that you need to get 5 hours of CE credits every year after the year you are certified.  We will be offering the last 5-hour program of 2013 will be November 9.

If you are not yet certified, there is one more opportunity to take the 12-hour course on October 26-27.  There is a possibility that Fulton County will follow in the wake of other metro Atlanta counties, and will require that process servers be certified in order to gain a permanent appointment in 2014.

For more information on upcoming training programs, visit the GAPPS website.

In 2014, we will probably offer training program less frequently, depending on when the AOC decides to offer tests.

Legal Update-
We have contracted with attorneys Lee Parks and Harlan Miller to represent GAPPS
in our pending lawsuit against the Georgia Sheriffs Association. Our attorneys, so far, have engaged in an attempt to negotiate an agreement with the sheriffs, but our overtures have been rebuffed.  Now they are preparing the first draft of a complaint that we hope will be filed quite soon.

We sent out a request to all certified process servers to send us copies of their “denials” from the sheriffs. Many of you have responded but we need as many as possible for this lawsuit. If you have denials, either to an application for becoming a CPS or being allowed to serve (GSA Form 4), please fax or email it to the GAPPS office. Fax no. is 404-974-2504, or just hit Respond to this email.

Litigation is expensive. We will need to raise at least $100,000 over the coming year, and costs may go as high as $200,000.  Please send checks to our Treasurer, Elizabeth Smith.  We also need people to join our Legal Fund committee. This is your chance to really take part in some exciting activity!

NAPPS state-charter
We expect GAPPS to be granted state-charter status with the National Association of Professional Process Servers this coming November.  Thanks go to Frank James, Paul Tamaroff, Elizabeth Smith, Jayne Rauser and Matt Marks for all your efforts in helping GAPPS achieve this important status.

We hope that more GAPPS members will also join NAPPS (website: napps.org). As you know, NAPPS will hold its annual convention in Atlanta April 3-5, 2014. It’s a great opportunity to meet process servers from all around the US and Canada, to see the latest in software and other services for process servers, and to keep up on the latest news.

Legislative Update
The Georgia Legislature will begin its 2014 session in January, and we’re starting to get ready now. Paul Tamaroff has already met with other interested parties, including our attorneys, to plan for the next session.

Our Grievance & Arbitration Committee is up and running, thanks to the work of Jerry Lobin, the committee chair. See our website for more information.

The Training Committee, under the direction of Jayne Rauser, is very busy and is looking for fresh new topics (and speakers) for the 2014 CE classes. Contact Jayne with ideas and suggestions.

The Membership Committee needs members!  And we need to start a Legal Fund Committee to help raise funds for our lawsuit against the sheriffs.

In conclusion
Thank you for your continuing support of GAPPS. We are the only Georgia-based non-profit association looking out for the interests of process servers. We have had some great successes and some failures, too, but we’ve made a difference in this profession. We welcome new members and renewing members to take part in committees, to attend our quarterly board meetings, and to participate in our activities.

Respectfully submitted

Deb Duchon