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2015 education dates announced + intro. to process serving symposium!

The dates for both the 12 hr class for process server Pre-Certification and also the 5 hr Continuing Education in 2015 have been set!

The 12 hour Pre-Certification classes will be held on 2 weekends during the year:

August 22 and August 23

October 10 and October 11

All training classes will again be held at Maloof Building in Decatur, GA.  and you may sign up on our Education Page

These dates have been chosen as to coincide with the State Test for Certification >given by the AOC* (in dowtown Atlanta)

*AOC Test dates for 2015 are in process of being set and will follow the class dates

Additional information about AOC state testing may be found by following this link: http://process-server.gaaoc.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=14

The Continuing Education Dates for 2015 are as follows:

Saturday 9/12

Saturday 11/7

So you want to be a process server symposium

Saturday June 27, 2015 – This is a first time class for folks who have never served a paper.  It will be held in downtown Decatur, the cost is $99 and will cover what a process server is and does, the role of the process server in the legal system, types of process, documents served, who may serve, obstacles to consider before becoming a server, how get in the business among other topics.

Join us for this 5 hour course and you will discover if process serving is something you want to pursue and what the next step is.  Watch our site for sign up details, etc.


Jayne Rauser

Director  and Training Coordinator